Friday, August 15, 2008

when markets support local livelihood

pallel bazaar - a local market, manipur, 2008

"when markets support local livelihoods, it supports growing of many traditional/local/indigenous food. an opportunity to support more farm-based inputs and keeping away from use of chemicals. manufactured farm inputs when kept to the minimum has the potential to keep the soil alive with complex life forms, rather than turning soil into a salt-dump, which would require more water to cleanse of the salt. and more manufactured inputs would be required as the soil begins to get choked."

"i've heard of peoples and groups able to sustain well with what is produced locally. when it is affordable while being organic, why do we want to pry open that market for manufactured goods. why build storage facilities that allows a new vice, hoarding. food when sold and consumed before it loses its freshness is a right all of us have. we don't need to lose that right, or buy it at a bigger price that benefits some companies. share-holders profit-lines cannot dictate how many rights community stakeholders deserve to exercise, and how many to be robbed of."

"every-citizen counts. being responsible for every citizens right is the affair of state and the people who send representatives to perform the art of state-craft. now we face a situation where leadership has gone over to speculators, contractors and con-artists. a veil called "efficiency " was spun to distract one away from intent. pseudo-science serving market interests end up committing genocide on many genus and species. all for what? or is that a naive question."