Thursday, August 14, 2008

momo and reuben_peace-retreat_2008_ranari

at ranari, we spent some time outdoors, playing-listening-recording. here reuben plays a folk song. he is also playing guitar and mouth-organ.

momo is a good friend of reuben and is a great drummer and a cultural activist.

it was fun capturing this performance on video as well.

momo and reuben always did reality-testing and not trying to do too many things at a time. cool individuals and good experience in trekking.

"music has a role to play in carrying important messages to lots of people. we as musicians also live in the same state. yes, using our cultural status to share ideas such as climate change has now become inevitable, cause we have now seen it for ourselves, how the glaciers are receding with time."

"it is good to have realistic and realizable expectations rather than being too enthused and wanting to achieve a lot. different things have different pace."

"all must try hard to work toward group goal. they need to give their best for group to succeed."

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