Saturday, August 23, 2008


jupiter swims high
her luminous self sets in me snowfall of silence
i see her come near and whisper
"galilieo sighted a storm in me three centuries ago
and you can still see it today, and probably for a few hundred years more."

"what is constant, what changes and
what is constant because it is keeps changing?" she asked.

and she quickly added, "and before you start using that brain,
here is another for the back-burner
what has remained constant, what has changed in you and where you swim."

i turned towards her, as my mind worked,
my heart sought, my soul felt.

"being nourished by all relations continues, though many have been erased
out of existence and memory"
"the emptiness that only grace knows how to fill, remains constant"
"religion was then science
now it is a new religion," i share with some certainty

i have a secret to share she whispered.

"vacuum is but a theoretical construct, to help some models make sense
and i am not just talking about theoretical physics," she said smiling.
there is another vacuum being created, it is like a huge storm
it renders history impotent, like making seeds suicidal,
denying the right - to be and become."

"can you elaborate", i ask her.

breaking things down to its functional parts
and relegating inter-relatedness to obscurity is but a beginning
certainty, predictability, security, stability shall soon become guidelines
on how you all shall conduct your affairs
acts of genocides and war crimes shall continue, when required
though they may not be called that
the cost of life will not be the same
and more lives shall become cheap
for inter-relatedness is already broken
being oneself, doing ones own thing
with own resources shall come under attack
ways of life (what you call "culture") will be attacked
the movement for a global village will soon turn
into a movement for a "club for the globally privileged"
no institution shall remain sacred, no structure permanent
for the flood of greed shall sweep away
all that is an impediment for accumulation
anything that serves greed is right
anything that struggles to meet needs will be condemned and blamed
and the biggest crime of it all
you shall be defined by club rules
yes the right to self-definition shall soon come under attack

yet beyond all this there is hope
for i have seen many such cycles in my celestial journey
and connected with many who seek -
a life that is not always orchestrated
a life that is harmony filled nevertheless
because all beings feel connected
and celebrate that enlightenment with joy.

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