Thursday, August 14, 2008

reflections at the waterfall

at the waterfall - gangotri - falls 1

che and i had a walk. totally captivated at this particular spot. mesmerized by the colours and deafening sound of the falls. lot of energy in this place. i could not help but think of mortals wanting to dam and profit, or pollute and externalize.

the eagle had visited and shared what it saw.

much blood shall be spilled over water. eco-cide and species-endangering human activities pollutes with impunity. rivers are sacred. i don't share that from any mythical legend perspective. rivers are the life-blood of people. they sustain life in many places. complex life-forms co-exist in areas nourished by rivers. it is a sin to pollute and toxify rivers. abuse of rivers is like predating or poisoning a lactating mothers breast.

water is and will always remain a resource that belongs to the commons. any move against it is counter-revolution with only dominance and profits as its motive, not public good. the sense of entitlements water-exploiting and human rights abusing companies feel is absolutely nauseating. can free market and democracy co-exist i ask myself. will indian politicians push for - 'democracy light' as a favoured option to reap rewards and incentives for making the state more lean and mean. will democracy, freedom, public participation and civil society initiatives for protection of rights be hard hit by "reforms". it is scary to think of state turning more predatory and contractor-driven.

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