Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meditation in May

Meditation in May

Reverence to the Father who is also the Mother
Reverence to the Sadaiyon
Reverence to the Sakthi
Reverence to the secret
Reverence to Love in action.

To serve in Love, and practicing this reverence
The mystery He had proclaimed
Not just to know but to practice
The highest of virtues
This is a mystery too.

It is this reverence to the Father who is also the Mother
Whose grace that keeps us safe from temptation
For anyone who embarks seriously to unravel the Mystery
Which the trickster, the stealer lures us away from
Its power to transform envied hence tested.

Not to serve in temptation, fear or reverence of the earthly kings
Is the due reverence to the Father who is also the Mother deserve
Wickedness lays wait, offering everything imaginable
Anything but to listen to the Father who is also the Mother
Whenever love in action grew the kingdom had almost become visible.

Not to writhe in pain of foreign rulers, who lay siege every domain
Their soothing love, compassion and delivery of justice the steadfast see
It is the Sadiyon that the stealer and the allies fear, so they set traps
For Sadiyon delivers justice which they fear will bring peace
The power to transform hate to love, and practice justice and mercy grew.

No false proclamations, no deceit or doubts, but total reverence
See God’s love in all that you see, only cast your eyes down when praying for salvation
When you speak with the power of the eyes, and begin to see, he lays a few more traps
Worried that his allies the merchants of death begin to suffer loses
When the door between the eyes open, Sakthi comes with her consort and dwells within.

Watch the eyes, ears, throat, mouth, hands, feet, and skin
These seven doors when left unwatched, that sin finds its way in
For the heart is connected with each, which the stealer knows
They conspire to offer allurements and stimulations for each
Why fear when I am here, the Father who is also the Mother gently reminds from within.

God is One. God is a pair. God is three, four or five, six or seven, why speculate.
Perfect the heart for it empowers all seven gates
Finding the treasure within submit yourself to the Father who is also the Mother
Find the words that help perfect the heart, and keep the stealer at bay
Hearing the gentle reminder, walk lightly and walk with a smile.

In every place God dwells. In every time. In the here and in the now.
At this time know God, in the place that you are
Not for wanting something, not for asking something, not fearing the stealer
Just know, and serve in reverence and with love
And know that it is what the Father who is also the Mother wanted from you.

It is said the heart of the true devotee is the most desired dwelling place of God
It is the throne, the city, the palace, the mountain, the lake and the ocean
Rejoice and celebrate your delivery from the stealer
Setting yourself free, by being bound to the Father who is also the Mother
Experience this mystery, liberation through love and service.

Moon, May 2012

Saturday, May 5, 2012

How thirsty can i get for waves
To keep washing my feet and legs
Even when half-asleep,
Wanting the refreshing caresses to continue
How thirsty am i to seek blessings
Of the Ocean that refuses no river
Even when half-awake
Wanting the soothing cleansing to continue

When the moon rose high up that night
Causing the ocean to gasp and surge
I felt my soul reach its home
In the ocean, with the ocean.

From the distant shores i heard whispers
Of the silenced and the vanquished
Their stories forming patterns and motifs
On the surf and receding waters
How much more blood and ashes are we to wash
How much more horrors are we to bear
I hear the incessant pleading continue
Justice, will help soothe the wounds
I heard the ocean whisper deep into my aching heart
Sometimes when things go too far we have to rise and reorganize
I heard whispers from among the receding waves

Defeat is not the end
The truth is
What had happened
Was not the full-stop
It certainly is no conclusion
Just containment, a comma
The truth is
What is to happen
Will not stop either
The struggle to be treated fairly and equally
The struggle for dignity and respect
Will unleash a million creative movements
For justice and peace to reign

Lose no hope
A distant droplet spoke
Before merging with the ocean
Back on its celestial journey
To visit another people
To witness other stories,
To hear other truths...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


28 Dec 2011

Wishing everyone
A year filled with love, discovery
connectedness and beauty

Thursday, November 10, 2011

compassion transforms stones

hidden caves
that helped heal
holding in secret
luminous paths

wombs small and big
in mountain sacred
holding imprints of times
that many had lived

waiting to tell
stories of futures
in the past lived
and delivery of futures
from the lived past

haven for sages,
herbs and medicine men
of life giving water,
and love filled light
where angels and animals
conspired to protect
gifts and treasures
that humanity had
in past

the forest sings aloud
for all who had ears

waiting to reveal
waiting to share

the... secret.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Interfaith Musings under an Imaginary Fig tree in Jerusalem

A song of this Time - Interfaith Musings under an Imaginary Fig tree in Jerusalem

Be sure that the light in your eyes

Is not filled with darkness, He said.

How many heard then

How many hear it now,

I wondered…

Why would He say something like that, I wondered

Eyes are windows to the Soul, I then remembered

So it makes me wonder,

What He wanted us to see, reflect and act upon.

Be watchful of what goes into you heart, I hear him say

Greed, arrogance, lust and short-sightedness just leads everyone astray

So work on these everyday and make the temple clean,

Know that the Kingdom of Heaven has a place for everyone who turns and built by them.


One day I wake up

Feeling weary of hating those who oppressed.

I knew it was a state i experienced not a station.

How did that happen, I wondered

Another day I woke up

Feeling good and filled with love towards oppressors

I knew it was a state i experienced, not a station.

How did that happen, I wondered

Yet another day I woke up

Feeling that it happens when I kept the temple clean for Him

I knew it was a state i experienced, not a station.

How did that happen, I wondered


Now i know how good it would be if these fleeting glimpses last.


I knew I had got lost

And found my way back

Now I want to keep walking the right path

And know where I am heading

Towards Him… and friends that surround Him!

And you know, every step towards Him

Is a blessing…

Yet the life is not without charming dangers

And distractions and traps begin their work to lure

To see your worth! the Master says.

Forty days is enough

To turn towards the Friend

I heard someone whisper.

Be free from greed, lust and hate

Be free of sins, and sin no more.

True repentance is not doing it again even though the opportunity exists

That is true repentance, and it is true indeed! I hear him say

God is forgiving and merciful to those who truly turn

So take the first step and extend your hand out to reconcile

Treat each other with love, respect and compassion and righteousness

These are not mere words

Give life to them and act, that is what I want and my father wants

From you and everyone else, I heard him say.


As I write these, I hear new sounds

New birds, changed weather, a cyclone somewhere

The winds, their persistence and power manifest

The songs of new birds make me move to the window, to see the visitors

Sounds of the evening changed by the wind

Winds that bring change

Overwhelming changes.

It made me wonder!


Some parts of the self needs to be destroyed or dismantled

For other parts to flourish

Inner cleansing is needed for the blossoming to happen

If thorns are allowed to grow then it will harm the blossoming

So be sure to keep things trimmed, for the flowers to bloom.


The conviction in him, his being spoke and I knew I could trust the words

But he demanded more, from everyone who could hear

Do not just listen to me, what are words without action, he questioned

My Father expects and so do I that you love one another as I have loved you, shown you

I have been a friend and I have shown you to serve

Love one another, serve one another

Do not be misled by the world

Be just, kind, forgiving and merciful

Repent, reconcile, restore, act with faith

Even if it is the size of a mustard seed that is enough

You can ask mountains to uproot and throw themselves into the sea, he shared


To hear him speak, what a blessing for those around

People who lived with a legend, a messiah, a son of God

Judging by the actions alone he is worthy to be called a son of God

Serving, leading towards light, healing, building the kingdom of God

Here on earth, through love, compassion and service.

For he came not to judge, but help us turn

He spoke with certainty and grace, love and compassion

That even oppressors heart would melt.


I have to pave my path

Through actions filled with love and compassion

I have to plough my un-ploughed fields

And plant seeds of righteous thoughts and action

I have to build this temple brick by brick

With devotion and adoration

And carve out a throne for the King

And now sometimes I feel he walks by whispering, I Love you.

One sight a blessing, said the Prophet once for all humanity to hear

I long for that sighting

But I know He is around, for I sometimes hear him whispering

I Love you, I Love you all.

My Father Loves you, He Loves you all.


Then I heard Him say

Yes, we are upset.

By all the disgraceful, greedy and spiteful actions

Yes, we are upset that you all got messed up so bad.

Yes, you sell freedom and choice

Yet, you steal these away from people

Yes, you made us too into a commodity

Yet, we have Love for all beings


We wanted to reside in your hearts

That is how close We want to be

For We Love you so much

So it is never too late to redeem your self

To act with love and kindness, mercy, compassion and faith

Be filled with righteous thoughts, truth and justice

Yet, humble for even Our Grace is sometimes earned.


And then it dawned one day.

I know now that I can Love

And be righteous

For, I know now right from wrong

Of my times and of eternity

I wish to be in this station and be reconciled

I know now that I can heal

And be just

For I know now how peace is realized

Piece by little piece.

- moon, Oct 2009, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Music 4 Peace

On 19 Feb 2010 on my way back from Nagaland (after a peace building workshop) I had the good fortune to visit Diphu, Karbi Anglong. As part of the Karbi Youth Festival Daniel Ingty rendered some vibrant numbers. It is amazing to see the connection between the artist and the audience, as if the artist was playing on the veins of people - bringing much energy among the people.

I realized how much people love music, connect with it, energized by it, and how people remember lyrics and sing along. It felt good to be part of this exchange, this flow, amidst thousands of people. Words of Che spoken during the Peace Retreat 2008 came again to the surface, "We need to work with art/culture activists for peace." I also recollected what Akum Longchar (a peace builder from Nagaland) shared during a peace building workshop in Dimapur, "Artists and musicians are the dream-keepers of our future."

Daniel is a gentle giant, who cares (among many other things) about the fate of one-horned rhino and the King Chilli, produced two songs on them for the Spell Peace music album, which i was fortunate enough to engage in. Working with Daniel made me realize that, it is not just important to be good at something, it is important to be good.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Sunset, A River

Siloni, Karbi Anglong

Out with friends
Among relations...

Reflecting on the words:

They drew a small circle and left most of us out,
So decided to draw a bigger circle and included everyone in.