Friday, August 29, 2008

chinese wisdom - tamil words

29 august 2008

lao tzu is much respected by many tamils, not just because he is a chinese sage and a radical one at that, and that his works have been translated in tamil too - but because he may have visited tamil nadu in ancient times and had lived with us, and shared his wisdom. some claim that lao tzu and siddhar bogar are the same historical figures, some say they were contemporaries, while some others are satisfied that we were nourished by lao tzu's wisdom too. whatever the story is tamils do have some keys that help unravel and learn from lao tzu.

following is my translation from a tamil work on lao tzu. i chose the tamil version for gaining intent and insights of the master, that are better captured than many english translations.

one who is constantly mindful
merges and integrates
it is hard to chip away at him.
rooted in life's essence
he could become a child
to bring to life tenderness.

to do this
he performs many austerities, constantly cleansing
transforming through discipline and deep intuition
he frees himself from pollution.

one who loves people when governing a nation
will not use coercion.

he will act as a mother bird
closing and opening heaven's doors.

illuminous and white
penetrating all four directions
he shall dwell without much ado.
he initiates
but does not take credit.
he functions
but not for himself.
excels in governance
but does not rule.
this is called deep well-being.

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Damon Lynch said...

Hi Moon! Thanks for taking the time to translate this wise insight on human nature. Have you seen the Lao Tzu passages here: ?