Wednesday, August 20, 2008

art & peace - part I

april 2008, hyderabad

che is seen here working on a painting. the 10 day workshop on art & peace produced 3 paintings, and over 20 t-shirts (i will post some pics of them later). che (an artist from manipur and a peace-practitioner) facilitated the workshop.

che and i love turtles. for us turtle represents slowing-down, mindfulness, wisdom and intuition. and we feel these are some essential qualities required while working for peace.

why slowing-down?
cause, transformation requires one to pause, reflect and come to grips with what one is doing and what are the costs and consequences of how one lives.

why mindfulness?
cause, transformation requires one to be conscious always, and watch one's pre-disposition, prejudice, attitude, behavior, speech, writing, action.

why wisdom?
cause, one needs to know whether to do something or not. and to listen to a higher logic, reasoning, and illumination about what all impacts one could expect if one pursues a path and help chose the path that is harmless.

why intuition?
cause, some things we just know is right, even when we cannot fully explain why we feel that way.

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