Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kaalu - the dog guide and first sighting of Shivalinga peak

daniel and i arrived at gaumukh on 5th morning, assisted ably by our guide a black dog Kaalu. He had a matted tail and took us on a 4 km trek from Bhogvasa to Gaumukh. We later realized he had taken us on smaller trails for a length. he was a very patient guide, always turning around to look if we caught up with him. after gently leading us to this spot, he sat on a small mound of fallen rocks and gazed for many minutes at this Shivalinga peak. it was only then i noticed and climbed. this is what he was gazing at. what a wonder filled sight it was.

when we had began our early morning trek the people with whom we had planned to go stayed back due to bad weather. but we sensed that Kaalu whom we had befriended the previous evening was willing to guide us. we left with him. he had the patience of a sadhu.

i then captured it.

more got revealed as i climbed some more...

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