Friday, August 15, 2008

connecting through music and movie

ranari, village temple, june 2008

the 9 member peace-retreat team performs at the local village temple. daniel is a heavy-metal musician from karbi-anglong. it is an autonomous district in the north east india. he is discovering fusion these days. a wonderful and friendly human being. loves good food, pleasant conversations, jamming, and enlightening discussions.

"harmony requires lots of respect and hard-work"

daniel has recently written an "ode to the rhino".

a rhino got very popular nationally cause its horn was ripped out when it was alive. it stumbled and fell, and got up again, with the whole nation weeping tears and enraged by impunity with which poachers commit atrocities against endangered species. rhino is a gentle giant. daniel moved by this tragedy happening in his land, wrote a beautiful song. it should come out soon. when it does will let you guys have a taste.

"when we walk off the beaten path, many paths open before us. it is not a time to run amok. it is a time to use judgement and ethics, that establishes, renews, nourishes inter-dependence. not as an empty slogan to rally people, but as an exercise of one's spiritual wisdom. machiavelliean politics is but one form of politics, stripped of morality and ethics. power's beastly side always awaits us, with a red carpet - to ride it. it promises wealth, accumulation, celebrity-status, and perhaps a super-hero. talent is rewarded, no doubt. if one is prepared to fool, a bit or big time the fruits to be plucked are so many that one life time seems insufficient to taste all that is offered. yet, the soul observes resistance to this assault on senses. it gets awakened and goes into self-protection mode. sometimes it goes deep within, and sometimes it reaches out. listening to one's inner self is crucial at these times. it is at these times, upon reflection and mindfulness one has easier access to wisdom."

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