Monday, December 29, 2008

Bliss - Verses inspired by Thirumandiram

29 December 2008

Senses five draw down the blinds
Unceasing waves of thoughts slow down
The pond still, sounds of the forest pervades the being
Soothing winds calms the inner universe
Stars unfold as the being finds connections and relatedness
Quest leads to the place where six paths meet
Illumination at this junction helps see the treasure within
Knowledge merges with the Knower
Impregnating the Knower with Divine Silence
An act of Grace, this Bliss

Inspired by verses from Thirumandiram

In that
Jnana (Divine Knowledge)
The Six Ends merge;
That Knowledge in the Knower (
Jnani) merges;
When Knowledge in the Knower merges;
Then dawns
Mauna (Divine Silence)
That is Siva-Bliss.

Tantra 8, 2382, Thirumandiram)

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