Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sri Lanka - What's Happening

4 February 2009

Being at a distance makes it hard to write based on one's own observation and analysis of events that are unfolding. However, i feel compelled to write as many friends have been repeatedly asking for my opinion on what is happening there in Sri Lanka.

Though I can share my views and perspectives about what is happening in Sri Lanka from my standpoint as a Tamil from India and as a person who is committed to justice and peace, i feel it would be totally inadequate, shallow and even biased to some extent.

Instead I provide a link to a report published in October 2008 by the University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna). I have been told by several Sri Lankans (Tamils as well as Sinhalese) that this group has gained much trust worldwide for unbiased reporting of human rights violations and analysis of what is happening in Sri Lanka. I am also adding another link, a self-obituary written by a senior editor of Sunday Leader, before his assassination.

Here are the links:

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