Thursday, December 11, 2008

Self, Dialogue, Conflict, Mastery

11 December 2008

Passion fuels, lures
Desires and often wrath
Self endures a storm within
Leaving behind a feeling, a question
"What compelled me to be swayed?"
And the learning begins
"Can resistance rather than quiescence be the way forward?"

Sin, when a stranger to the Soul
Endears itself, little by little, through the senses
Taking deeper roots in crevices within
Transgressions of thought, word and action follows next
Heart weeps at this change
The soul-flame lends a listening ear

Winds of mind - restless, strong and unceasing
Disturb and often defile the sacred space
Samurai then awakens within
Contextual clarity, training and practice unfolds
A new sword is born and unsheathed

"Giant trees start as tender shoots,
As thoughts germinate, leading into action, so beware!"
Then it proclaimed, "Under the heavens, let Peace prevail,
Face the sword of Justice or earn Grace."

Yet the mind wanders, distracts itself
"One small transgression, once in a while seems okay," it justifies
"A small step in the wrong direction is just that," replied the Soul

"I am just going with the flow, why single me out?" mind reasoned
"It is of Love, through Love and for Love," the Soul embraced.

And a whole new journey began.

(Art work by Che, from Envisioning Peace)


Anne said...

I read this twice and this is nice. Basically, the last 4/5 sentences are very nice.

moon said...

hi anne,

thanks a lot!