Friday, October 17, 2008

turning back from the Precipice

18 October 2008

Wisdom when buried by arrogance
Knowledge when controlled by power
Information when manipulated by greed
Experience when conditioned by hegemony
Transform earth into Hell.

Fishes will die out
Forests will be erased
Water will be imprisoned
Animals will have no home
And extinction will be daily news.

Starvation and dehydration as norms become
Land-alienation and displacement, billions shall endure
Mighty fortresses and island-homes
Shall float over the blood, sweat and tears of humanity.

When you begin to see this
Know that you are at the edge, at the precipice.
Leaping into the abyss to reach the fortress, or island-home
Is the road to Hell.

Turn back - embrace life, humanity and richness in diversity
Commit not, crimes against nature or humanity
And the generations to come shall not spit on your grave.

Turn back
Walk the right path.
Every step you walk comes with blessings
And you shall see God come running to embrace you.

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