Wednesday, October 1, 2008

secrets an old man shared

2 October 2008

the knocking never ceased said the graffiti on the wall
it is you who made the choice, to not hear the call.

when you withdraw those tentacles
that fed you blood-stained pleasures and wealth,
when you begin seeing the pain and misery you have caused
and the innumerable riches and rights you have robbed
the thieves who run the city will offer more allurements
for you to remain a predator or a parasite
fear this moment, for it is when your soul is traded,
and God weeps.

there is but one flag-mast in this earthly body
which flag is unfurled from it, is your choice
when awareness unfolds, seize the moment
and God shall weave a rainbow flag with love and compassion
and while the weaving begins you are called again
to the "going-out-of-business" sale
many allurements and seductions are on display
your senses are titillated once more
"at never-before prices" they tell you
beware, the price you pay - could be your Soul.

weigh well the pros and cons, and having weighed waver not
your body has but one flag-mast
and God has now begun to stitch a robe as well for you
the world of Treasures is open
and the choicest of God's creations are all on display
the rewards for transforming your heart
and not trading the Soul - are many.
beware of not losing your Soul
for it is the Soul alone that can fasten God's flag
and secure the robe.
so don't sell it cheap, in the market of thieves.

(Painting by Che)

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