Sunday, October 12, 2008

adoration - climbing the mystic tree

12 October 2008

Adoration - Climbing the Mystic Tree

Doubtless and bereft of distracting thoughts and emotions
Ascension that seeks the Creator begins
Snow-clad mountains welcome the seekers
Who have shed distracting passions
Infinite is God's Grace they realize
When they stood gazing at His eyes three
Drums and lutes, bells and gongs they hear
And smell the subtle scents that wild-flowers emanate
Nothing goes by unnoticed, yet they engage not
The horses are bridled and fed Ambrosia, that flows within
And the World of Creator blooms before them
In this world they see all - all relations past, present and future
All eight directions welcome them with treasures
Who hold thoughts of Creator in the flowing breath
Their blemishes removed - a new life begins
With love and meekness they perform the ritual of adoration
And dance, blessed by Grace - that is as bountiful as the monsoon rains

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