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a story of the drum

6 september 2008

my journey in writing continues to be nourished and graced by connections with wise elders from different traditions. today i wanted to try writing a short story.

eagle and the drum

the eagle was flying high effortlessly. it had learned from its elders how to navigate the currents and how to use them to fly and glide with least effort. the eagle saw that people down below in the village were gathering to talk to all relations including the sky-beings. the village was like a giant ant-hill, thriving with activity. the eagle had a soft corner for the villagers, it had known them for a long time and had heard stories of them from its elders and ancestors. visions of the harvest festival that they had celebrated a few months back flashed in its mind.

"it is a time they try to connect with all relations including the sky-beings and creator," the voice of wise grandmother eagle thundered within. the eagle saw some young men and women, creating a fire to warm up the drum. its telescopic eyes zoomed in on the drum. it was the same drum they had been treasuring and using for several summers.

"the drum was not touched by all, it was considered sacred and only the very rooted and steadfast shall touch and play it," the grandmother eagle's voice echoed within. it saw a young man pick it up and warm it. his gentle hands lifted it and caressed it. the young man held it before him and asked permission from the drum for him to play it for the evening. the eagle sharpened its focus to listen to what was being whispered.

the eagle heard the drum speak,"i hear you and hold your request for permission to play me. it is my duty to ask why i was created and who created me."

the young man held the drum closer to the fire, his dark eyes focused on the drum, he could feel the gentle warmth of the fire nourishing the drum and feeding its energy so the drum can do well what it was created for. and as he rubbed the skin gently he could feel the warm fire was feeding him too. the young man spoke, "brother-drum, it is a honor to hold you in my hands once again and listen to you speak. i have swam many seasons in preparation for this. i will share what was shared with me by my elders. the drum is a gift from the earth-mother to humans so they may have her heartbeat to accompany when they sing from their hearts. the drum teaches harmony and it carries our thoughts, voices, joys, sorrows and our prayers."

the drum spoke, "you have spoken wisely and you may play me for the evening. your hands are pure and you now walk the earth more gently. my grandfather drums have shared many stories of the wise amongst you and how well they taught people harmony. i shall carry to all relations and the creator what you sing and speak. they shall remember it and pass it on to several generations to come."

the eagle now saw the young man bow to the fire, seek its blessings and began playing the drum. the sound of the drum carried far and wide. the eagle saw all beings pause to listen. the word spread around fast. it was peace and harmony time. the earth was filled with a new energy and the pleased earth-mother once again blessed the young man with the powers he needed to play the drum well.

as the young man continued to drum, the eagle circled high above him. the sounds of the drum soothed its heart. all beings were joyous by the celebration of harmony, every being was dancing with joy. the eagle then flew low and blessed the young man with the ability to see far and listen well, so his songs may connect with all creation and the creator.

and as it flew, the eagle heard her grandfather's voice, "these humans do get it sometimes, thank the creator for moments such as this, and pray that there may be more such times."

this story is inspired by another story which i found in this site:

the bald eagle picture is from the following site:

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